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Drivers' Responses in Emergency Situations By Jeffrey Muttart, Ph.D
  • Night Recognition Distance & Limitations for Use
  • Influence of weather on drivers' night time recognition 
  • Gap Acceptance: Percentage of Drivers who will pull out
  • 15 Factors that influence driver perception-response times
  • Recognition Research by Object (ie. animal, person, etc.)
 Nighttime Scene Equivalent Contrast Gradient Panel - documenting a nighttime scene
  • Have you read the SAE paper "A Quantitative Method for Accurately Depicting Still Photographs or Video of a Night-Time Scene Utilizing Equivalent Contrast." 2016-01-1463? Jeff's contrast gradient panel is used and referenced in this paper. 
  • Limited Supply! 
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Crash Safety Solutions, LLC is a company working to provide solutions and educational tools to crash reconstructionists investigating different aspects involving crashes. CSS holds various classes utilizing lectures, discussions and in-class demonstrations designed to introduce reconstructionists to scientific studies and analysis to answer the key questions involving aspects of driver behavior: reaction times (and delays), perception, visibility and impairment, among others. Topics focus on obtaining a better understanding of what needs to be accomplished to assess the human role in the crash sequence.  
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